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Professional air ventilator, water tank, cooling tower, frp lab equipment manufacturer in China.

Shuangyi Environment Engineering Co., Ltd., is a large modern enterprise which integrate technology, industry and trade, mainly produce the FRP products, which including: FRP cooling tower, air ventilator, water tank, ventilation pipes, winding pipe and tank, central air conditioning terminal equipment, engineering installation, pipes, butterfly valve, ball valve, globe valve, and other FRP products, etc.

Our company is based on the abundant strength, exquisite technology, advanced management, pioneering spirit, always adhere to the management guideline "focus on the market, achieve dependig on qualiy, innovation and development", constantly pioneer to develop, and built the brand-new enterprise image.

Our company has advanced equipment and we are honored as "Provincial Contract Trustworthy Enterprise" by Shandong Province Government. We have passed the authentication of Switzerland SGS, ISO9001 International Quality System and ISO14001 Environmental Management System certifications.

We boast solid capital strength, superb technology and advanced management, and we always abide by the principle of "based on the market, winning with quality, innovation and development". We continue to develop and hope to establish a new corporate image.

ZHT-35 Axial fan

HTF Fire-fighting ...

Turbine Ventilator

BDW-L Roof ...

High pressur ...

SMC Combined ...

DFN Cooling Tower

DBNL3 Normal ...

Galvanized Steel ...

Stainless Steel ...

Fume Hood
Main Products
General Centrifugal Fan
  • General Centrifugal FanS4-72-11 centrifugal ventilators are suitable for petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, electroplating, sewage treatment, brewing, textiles, electronics and other areas.
ZHT-35 Axial fan
  • ZHT-35 Axial fanModel ZHT-35 axial flow fan has streamlined outline, elegant appearance and proven rigidness. It features rigid fan blades and a uniform fan hood.
HTF Fire-fighting Smoke Exhaust Fan
Turbine Ventilator
  • Turbine Ventilator Made of stainless steel by stretching forming, attractive appearance, no rust and whole sealing bearing, which can ensure it operate ...
Textile Axial Ventilator
  • Textile Axial VentilatorThe type of FZ35 and FZ40 axial flow fan can be used in factories, warehouses, offices, residential for ventilation or strengthening ...
BDW-L Roof Centrifugal Fan
  • BDW-L Roof Centrifugal FanThe roof ventilation fan applies the theory of convection between natural wind and air to accelerate and transform parallel air flow into ...
SXG Type Inclined Flow Ducting Ventilator
SWF Type Mixed Flow Ventilator
  • SWF Type Mixed Flow Ventilator SWF type mixed flow ventilator is widely used in industrial and civil construction of ventilation and air conditioning systems.
GLF Air Blower Case
  • GLF Air Blower Case GLF ventilators is used for ventilation in hotels, office buildings, workshops and basements and other places ...
Direct Drive Wall Mount Exhaust Fan
Double Iinlet Centrifugal Ventilator
DFN Cooling Tower Features
  • DFN Cooling TowerThis cooling tower adopt patented water distribution fillings. Large diameter fan, new type ABS multi laminar nozzle ...
DBNL3 Cooling Tower
  • DBNL3 Normal Type Cooling TowerThe new designed DBNL3 cooling tower water distribution and the flow field very uniform reached the best overall performance.
CDBNL3 Cooling Tower
  • Ultra Low Noise Cooling Tower Use of water collector control losewater at one in to prevent the water pollution; wide blades, low-speed fan, to reduce the loss of dynamic ...
DFB Close Type Cooling Tower
  • DFB Close Type Cooling TowerDFB Close type cooling is a joint developed by Shuangyi Group and College of Shandong construction, and optimally designed ...
SMC Combined Water Tank
  • SMC Combined Water TankSMC combined water tank is the fresh type water tank which is widely using in the world, it is combined by the SMC panel.
Assembled Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Water Tank
Fume Hood
  • Fume Hood Fume hood is a kind of high efficiency device specially designed for using in laboratories frequently.
Lab Bench
  • Lab Bench Shuangyi is committed to lab equipment design, development and research.
Cylinder Air Vent
  • Cylinder Air Vent Air vent belongs to the ventialtor designed by use of the principle that wind push the vent to rotate and inside and outside air exchange.
Butterfly Damper
  • Butterfly DamperThe butterfly damper can be used for the ventilation pipe, for adjustting or cutting off the air flow.
Air Cooled(Heating) Chiller Unit
  • Air Cooled(Heating) Chiller Unit It is one of the series of central air conditioning products which developed by Shuangyi group who bring in advanced technology from European and American countries.
Water Cooled Chiller
  • Water Cooled ChillerThis unit is designed and manufactured strictly according to the national standard. We adopt high quality and efficiency compressor, refrigerant system control element and the computer control device produced by famous manufacturers.
LM Full Liquid Type Water Cooled Chiller Series
  • LM Full Liquid Type Water Cooled Chiller Series LM series full-liquid water cooling chiller is one of the series of central air conditioning products which developed by Shuangyi group who bring in advanced technology from European and American countries.
Ground Source Heat Pump Unit
  • Ground Source Heat Pump UnitIt's also called ground source central air conditioning. It use the solar energy stored in the earth as a heating and cooling air conditioning system for energy conversion.
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