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DFN Cooling Tower Features
  • DFN Cooling Tower This cooling tower adopt patented water distribution fillings. Large diameter fan, new type ABS multi laminar nozzle, streamlined air duct, Low resistance water cleaner, guarantee high efficiency heat-exchange performance. Low speed fan, high lure water sound elimination pad, streamlined water collector ensure the efficiency of the environment ...
ZHT-35 Axial Fan
  • ZHT-35 Axial FanModel ZHT-35 axial flow fan has streamlined outline, elegant appearance and proven rigidness. It features rigid fan blades and a uniform fan hood. The axial fan contains 1, nave; 2, blade; 3, axle; 4, shell; 5,wind collector; 6, fairing; ,7, rectifier; 8,diffuser; 9, and the wind inlet and impeller etc.
Textile Axial Ventilator
  • Textile Axial VentilatorThe type of FZ35 and FZ40 axial flow fan can be used in factories, warehouses, offices, residential for ventilation or strengthening temperature. Fans can be used by ventilating freely, but also in the long exhaust pipe installed in series to increase the interval in the pipeline pressure.
Turbine Ventilator
  • Turbine Ventilator Made of stainless steel by stretching forming, attractive appearance, no rust and whole sealing bearing, which can ensure it operate smoothly and constantly. Special central shaft design, high-class lubricating bearing system: preventing blades from deformation at high speed rotation, and extending the service life.
DBNL3 Cooling Tower
  • DBNL3 Normal Type Cooling TowerThe new designed DBNL3 cooling tower water distribution and the flow field very uniform reached the best overall performance. This cooling tower adopt ours patented fills, three splashed sprayer to distribute water, full sealed motor specially used for cooling tower, wide blade dedicated fan and optimization design of belt drive systems, shell applied the FRP material, vivid color, bright and clean surface, anti-aging.
Industrial Cooling Tower of Reinforced Concrete Frame
  • Industrial Cooling Tower of Reinforced Concrete FrameThe support frame is hot dip galvanized steel. Paint epoxy asphalt, corrosion resistance and high strength. The speed reducer of the cooling tower adopt the horizontal shaft driving gear speed reducer. The gears are made from titanium alloy steel. Carburizing and quenching process which promise the gear high abrasive resistance and impact ...
SXG Type Inclined Flow Ducting Ventilator
  • SXG Type Inclined Flow Ducting VentilatorThis blowers have two types material of FRP and steel plate, it have two advantages for high-pressure coefficient of centrifugal fan and flow rate coefficient characteristics of axial ventilator: high efficient wide area, energy saving, low noise, installation easily, saving the space.
Smoke Exhaust Damper
  • Smoke Exhaust DamperExhaust valve is interlocked with smoke detector, when catch fire, the smoke detector will open the valve, it is the motor drive automatic valve. The smoke exhaust damper is installed on the pipe of the smoke exhaust system. When will valve is open, it can send off the signal to the fire protection control center. And it can be connected with other ...
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