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Description of Fire Resisting Damper:

The fire resisting damper is installed to supply air piping and return air piping of the ventilation or air condition system, at normal time it is on the open state. When catch fire and the air in the pipe reached to 70 deg, the fusible piece will fuse, the valve will automatically shut down under the twisting power of tensional spring, so that it can get the effect of the resisting fire. And when the valve is closed, it can send out the signal.

Fire Resisting Damper Types:

1, Self droop reverse turning bed fire resisting damper.

2, Ceiling type fire resisting damper.

3, Fire proof adjustable valve.

4, Fire proof smoke proof valve.

5, Full automatic fire proof adjustable valve.

Smoke Exhaust Damper

Description of Smoke Exhaust Damper:

Exhaust valve is interlocked with smoke detector, when catch fire, the smoke detector will open the valve, it is the motor drive automatic valve.

The smoke exhaust damper is installed on the pipe of the smoke exhaust system. When will valve is open, it can send off the signal to the fire protection control center. And it can be connected with other equipment. The smoke exhaust damper can be combined with wind outlet to be the exhaust outlet.

Smoke Exhaust Damper Types:

1, Smoke exhaust damper.

2, Smoke exhaust/fire proof damper.

3, Distance control, smoke exhaust damper.

4, Distance control, smoke exhaust, fire proof damper.

Butterfly Damper

Description of Butterfly Damper:

The butterfly damper can be used for the ventilation pipe, for adjustting or cutting off the air flow. This kind damper normally will be installed horizontally. The butterfly damper can be made of steel or FRP according to customer's requirements.

Butterfly Damper Types:

1, Pull chain butterfly valve.

2, Lever valve.

3, Folio leafy regulating valve.

4, Check valve.

5, Gate valve.

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