GFNL Series Steel Frame Square Shape Counter Flow Cooling Tower

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Cooling Tower Structure Introduce:

1. Support frame:
The support frame is hot dip galvanized steel. Paint epoxy asphalt, corrosion resistance and high strength.

2. The Building Envelope:
High strength composite materials, surface for imported color gel coat. It contains uv absorber, anti-aging, no fade. Bright and clean as a mirror. The tower body color is optional.

3. Air Duct:
The air duct is high strength composite material. Power recovery type air duct. Reasonable airflow organization, high efficiency, light weight, anti corrosion.

4. Fan:
The fan adopt the wing type epoxy FRP blade. Large air flow, high efficiency, low noise, anti-corrosion, convenient installation.

5. Speed Reducer:
The speed reducer of the cooling tower adopt the horizontal shaft driving gear speed reducer. The gears are made from titanium alloy steel. Carburizing and quenching process which promise the gear high abrasive resistance and impact resistance. The cooling tower has oil pointer outside of the tower, easy to maintain. And it is optical to equip theoil temperature alarm, vibration velocity alarm as the requirements of the customers.

6. Motor:
The motor is specially designed motor for cooling tower. The protection grade is IP55. And we can equip the explosion-proof motor, multi-speed motor according the requirements.

7. Fills:
The fills adopt oblique trapezoidal wave modified PVC fills which enjoy the characteristics such as large superficial area, high water redistribution ability, water film uniform. long water retention time; Firm bonding splice, non-lodging, no deformation, no jam; temperature resistance -35℃~65℃, inflaming retarding.

8. Water Distribution System:
The water distribution is tube type water distribution, multi laminar nozzle, distribute water evenly, high strength, not easy to be broken.

9. Water Collector:
The water collector adopt HC160-45 Leaning peak water collector, high water collect effect, control the fly water quantity less than 0.01%.

10. Basin:
Basin, base and the pre-cast steel are prepared by the cutomers. It is better to keep water level at -0.25 -0.3m.

We can offer cooling tower with cooling volume from 800m3-4000m3/h. Take cooing volume 1000 as an example below.

GFNS-1000 Steel Frame Counter Flow Cooling Tower Technology Parameters List :
GFNL Series Steel Frame Square Shape Counter Flow Cooling Tower


Cooling volume


Inlet temperature


Outlet temperature


Atmospheric pressure


The drop of temperature


Fan diameter


Pressure completely


The weight of fan


The model of motor






The weight of motor




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