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Shuangyi Environment Engineering Co., Ltd., is a large modern enterprise which integrate technology, industry and trade, mainly produce the FRP cooling tower, air fan, water tank, ventilation pipes, winding pipe and tank, central air conditioning terminal equipment, engineering installation, pipes, butterfly valve, ball valve, globe valve, and other FRP products, etc.

Ventilation Accessories
Cylinder Air Vent
  • Cylinder Air Vent Air vent belongs to the ventialtor designed by use of the principle that wind push the vent to rotate and inside and outside air exchange.
Butterfly Damper
  • Butterfly DamperThe butterfly damper can be used for the ventilation pipe, for adjustting or cutting off the air flow.
Smoke Exhaust Damper
  • Smoke Exhaust DamperExhaust valve is interlocked with smoke detector, when catch fire, the smoke detector will open the valve ...
Fire Resisting Damper
  • Fire Resisting DamperThe fire resisting damper is installed to supply air piping and return air piping of the ventilation or air condition system ...
WX-type Micro-perforated Plate Muffler
Other Products
Double Iinlet Centrifugal Ventilator
High Pressure Centrifugal Ventilator
The Inline Centrifugal Ventilator
Induced Draft Fan
  • Induced Draft Fan Inducement blower is a type of centrifugal blower. It is often used in the ventilation system of garages and other public facilities to stir ...
DFH Square Shape Cross Flow Cooling Tower
GFNL Series Steel Frame Square Shape Counter Flow Cooling Tower
SMC Combined Water Tank
  • SMC Combined Water TankSMC combined water tank is the fresh type water tank which is widely using in the world, it is combined by the SMC panel.
Assembled Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Water Tank
Fume Hood
  • Fume Hood Fume hood is a kind of high efficiency device specially designed for using in laboratories frequently.
Balance Table
  • Balance Table Lab balance table should be customized. Our price will be satisfactory and your quality will be the same as or even beyond your request.
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