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Introduction of The SMC Combined Water Tank:

SMC combined water tank is the fresh type water tank which is widely using in the world, it is combined by the SMC panel. The features are: adopt the food grade resin, keep water clean. no pollution, high strength, long service life, maintenance management convenient.

The SMC water tank we manufactured is completely up to National Construction Industry Standards NO JC658.1-1997 technical performance requirements.
This water tanks Inspected by the relevant departments of the state conform to the requires of the GB/T17219-98 《Domestic and Drinking Water Transit Equipment and Protective Materials Safety Evaluation.
The water quality conform to the requires of the country's《Domestic and Drinking Water Standards》(GB5749-85).

This water tank widely used to industrial and mining, enterprises and institutions, residential, hotel, hotel and other buildings, as drinking water, water treatment, fire water and other water storage facilities.

SMC Molded Plate Performance and Specifications:

SMC water tank adopt the SMC plate which produced from food grade resin, the SMC plate is pressed by machinery thought high temperature and high presser. In the manufacturing process, adopts the method of machine pressure molding.

Increase the strength of anti-seismic, anti-shock, conquer defects of hand lay-up strength uneven, improve the compression strength and service life;
On appearance design, in the middle of the water tank plate is a concave radian, so that improved the ability for take pressure. Meanwhile the round of the panel there is 45 ° and 50 °flange. When assembled do not need corner fittings.
The size of the water tank panel include: 1000mm*1000mm; 1000mm*500mm; 500mm*500mm.
The thickness of the panels: 5mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, 18mm, 20mm. And the 5mm water plate is specially used for the cover of the water tank. The water tank can be assembled to be any size.

SMC The Tank Veneer Physical and Chemical Properties:

SMC Combined Water Tank Performance





Tensile strength

≥60 Mpa

compression strength

>145 Mpa

bending strength

≥100 Mpa

shear strength


flexural modulus

≥7.0 Gpa

impact strength

>75 KJ/m2

Barcol hardness


breakdown voltage


water absorption


volume resistanceΩ




shrinking percentage





Full loading no leakage


After filled with water,Wall maximum deformation no more than 1.0% of the height of water tank, maximum deformation of the center of the bottom is less than10mm

Water quality

Conform to GB5740

SMC Combined Water Tank Structure:

SMC modular glass fiber reinforced plastic water tank is made of SMC molded plate, sealing material, metal parts and the piping system assembled on site. The design and construction of the water tank is extremely convenient. General tank according to the standard design, special tank need special design according to user' requirements, 0.125 -1500 cubic meters of water tank.
Adaptability is very strong. The rubber seals is specially designed non-toxic, water resistant, elastic, slight deformation, tighten seal.
Water tank has characteristics such as overall high strength, no leakage, no deformation. Maintenance is convenient.

SMC Combined Water Tank Foundation


The steel support size should coinside with the water panel connection line. Water level is lower than 3000mm we need use 100# U-bar, water level is higher than 3000mm we need use the 120# U-bar. And the T-steel should vary accordingly. Between the steel angel and the concrete plinth we need add the supporting point.


1, SMC combined water tank is designed for the normal temperature water storage, please do not load the hot water and the other liquid (chemical medicine, oil etc);

2, Before construction, please arrange the stay, supply the power source, and the water for check the seal effect according to the size of the basis;

3, Should not use fire near the water tank. When welding, should make some protect.Please don't make spark splashed to water tank wall;

4, To prevent pollutants from invading the tank from external. For maintenance, easy to check and keep safe. There must be some space around the tank;

5, SMC combined water tank maintenance.
Cleaning the internal and external, please use the soft tool. With regards to the unused water for a long time, please discharge the water before use. Please make inside inspection before using the water tank. The new water tank must be cleaned first then can put into use.

SMC Combined Water TankSMC Combined Water Tank
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