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Features of DFN Cooling Tower:

1. High Thermal Performance:
This cooling tower adopt patented water distribution fillings. Large diameter fan, new type ABS multi laminar nozzle, streamlined air duct, low resistance water cleaner, guarantee high efficiency heat-exchange performance.

2. Low Operating Cost:
Adopt energy-efficient and large diameter fan, big air volume, low power rate, low running cost, save the running cost for user; adopt the multispeed motor. Adjust the air volume to adapt the changes of the environment temperature. Which can reduce the operation cost again.

3. Environment protection, low noise:
Low speed fan, high lure water sound elimination pad, streamlined water collector ensure the efficiency of the environment protection.

4. Attractive and durable:
The shape of the tower is beautiful,match with architectural style perfectly; Surface layer adopts imported color gel, It contains uv absorber, Bright and clean as a mirror. Anti-aging, no fade. It can be chosen by the customers.

5. The tower body is light:
Adopt FRP composite material, take the HDG light steel as the support frame, designed by the Solid Edge CAD.

6. Easy to maintain:
Wall plate adopt unique hanging installation, no bolts connection, easy to maintain. The DFN-200 can change the fills no more than one day.

7. Many types:
Standard type, temperature control type, low noise type, Anti-freezing type etc.which can meet different requirements.

8. Quality Quarantee:

DFN Cooling tower strictly is tested by Authorized National FRP Products Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, it is qualified.

DFN Cooling tower Cooling tower passed the ISO9001-2000 Quality Certification.

If the parameters list below can't satisfy you, we can specially design according to your demand.

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