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As one of the professional manufacturer of the FRP products, to meet developments and modernization of some manufacturers, research, medical institution. Shuangyi has been researched a series FRP furniture of lab, drug room such as FRP Fume Hood, FRP Lab Bench, Medical Cupboard and related Drug Shelf and etc, which are made up of reinforced resin and glass fiber. The characteristic are anti- corrosion, heat resistant, water-proof, climate resistant, insulation, strength light weight and etc., which enjoy a good market. Our lab equipment enjoy bright color, smooth surface and beautiful design. Clients can choose according to the specifications. We also can design or manufacture based on your own special requirements. We also supply FRP air fan, pipe and regulating valve matching of our lab equipments.

FRP Laboratory Facility
Fume Hood
  • Fume Hood Fume hood is a kind of high efficiency device specially designed for using in laboratories frequently.
Lab Bench
  • Lab Bench Shuangyi is committed to lab equipment design, development and research.
Reagent Shelf
  • Reagent ShelfShuangyi is one of the professional laboratory equipment manufacturers based in China, please send us inquiry for more information...
Medical Cupboard
  • Medical CupboardMedical CupboardShuangyi is one of the professional manufacturer and exporter of lab equipment such as FRP Fume Hood ...
Balance Table
  • Balance Table Lab balance table should be customized. Our price will be satisfactory and your quality will be the same as or even beyond your request.
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