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Water Chiller
Air Cooled(Heating) Chiller Unit
  • Air Cooled(Heating) Chiller Unit It is one of the series of central air conditioning products which developed by Shuangyi group who bring in advanced technology from European and American countries. It use air ...
Water Cooled Chiller
  • Water Cooled ChillerThis unit is designed and manufactured strictly according to the national standard. We adopt high quality and efficiency compressor, refrigerant system...
LM Full Liquid Type Water Cooled Chiller Series
Ground Source Heat Pump Unit
Full-liquid Type Ground Source Heat Pump Unit
Variable Frequency Water Household Central Air Conditioning
Other Products
DFN Cooling Tower Features
  • DFN Cooling Tower FeaturesThis cooling tower adopt patented water distribution fillings. Large diameter fan, new type ABS multi laminar nozzle ...
DBNL3 Cooling Tower
  • DBNL3 Normal Type Cooling TowerThe new designed DBNL3 cooling tower water distribution and the flow field very uniform reached the best overall performance.
SMC Combined Water Tank
  • SMC Combined Water TankSMC combined water tank is the fresh type water tank which is widely using in the world, it is combined by the SMC panel.
Assembled Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Water Tank
Reagent Shelf
  • Reagent ShelfShuangyi is one of the professional laboratory equipment manufacturers based in China, please send us inquiry for more information...
Medical Cupboard
  • Medical CupboardMedical CupboardShuangyi is one of the professional manufacturer and exporter of lab equipment such as FRP Fume Hood ...
Cylinder Air Vent
  • Cylinder Air Vent Air vent belongs to the ventialtor designed by use of the principle that wind push the vent to rotate and inside and outside air exchange.
Butterfly Damper
  • Butterfly DamperThe butterfly damper can be used for the ventilation pipe, for adjustting or cutting off the air flow.
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