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Description of Double Inlet Centrifugal Ventilator:

Double inlet centrifugal ventilator is a new, energy-saving, high efficiency, variable speed, low noise centrifugal fan, its characters has compact structure, easy installation, small size, large air volume, high pressure, vibration, equipped with three-phase voltage regulator or drive, to implement variable speed, especially for strict noise requirements, a large range of air flow ventilation spaces.

Double inlet centrifugal ventilator is an ideal accessory products for air conditioning, cleaning and other industries.
The fan is made of blower hood, impeller, air inlet and an outer rotor motor mainly.

Blower hood: The overall is made of galvanized steel seams or seams, it is good to prevent the heat and moisture.

Impeller: It is tested by the strict dynamic and static balance correction to ensure smooth operation, high efficiency and low noise.

Inlet: It is processed by mold and parallel to the axial cross-section. So the gas is flowed smoothly.

External rotor motors: Two shafts of motors is mounted on the inlet , impeller and motor is rotating by direct drive improving the efficiency of the fan.

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